Coorg County Resort & Spa is a sanctuary of endless luxury nestled between Kushalnagar and Madikeri, embodying the timeless charm of Kodagu. This heritage retreat, with over 25 years of history, is set amidst a sprawling 50-acre coffee plantation, offering proximity to famous tourist attractions and a true taste of Coorg. Crafted with elegance and expert craftsmanship, each accommodation at our resort is a masterpiece of comfort and style, ensuring the utmost in leisure. As an eco-conscious establishment, our resort in Coorg reflects the sustainable ethos.

Escape to Coorg County Resort for a tranquil respite amid the gentle rustle of coffee leaves. Ideal for both leisure seekers and corporate teams, the resort offers river rafting, exclusive sit-outs and meandering pathways for solitary contemplation or romantic strolls. It's a stone's throw from Bangalore, making it an ideal weekend getaway. We take pride in creating enriching and lasting experiences for our guests, from thrilling adventures to transformative team-building sessions led by professional consultants and psychologists.